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Salina Scale Inc.

Truck Scales and Complete Weighing Systems
Serving Kansas and the central states

Salina Scale Inc. sells, distributes and services truck scales and complete weighing systems with a reputation for accuracy and durability. Installations of weighing systems by Salina Scale Inc. are located over the central states from Eastern Colorado, Southern Nebraska, Eastern Colorado, Western Missouri, Northern Oklahoma, Northern Texas Eastern New Mexico, and all of Kansas. We offer free estimates along with planning assistance to our customers on equipment installation. No job is too big or too small.

Specialized Equipment
Certified Technicians
Manufacturer of Precast Scale Decks

Weight and measurement services from Salina Scale Inc. start with our custom built test trucks, semi tractor trailers and service trucks all staffed by our certified technicians. Our technicians travel our entire territory at all times for testing, certifications, placing scales in service, completing small and major repairs and installation of scale systems.

Types of Equipment Serviced
Certified in-house or field repairs

The range of weight measurement equipment offered and serviced ranges from the smallest precise instruments all the way up to the largest truck weigh scales. Salina Scale Inc. sells and services all makes and models of weighing and control equipment such as: Bench Scales, Check Weighers, Counting Scales, Dockage Scales, Forklift Scales, Gram Scales, Health Scales, Hopper of all types, Indicators, Load Cells/Weighbars, Moisture Meters, Platform / Floor scales, Price Computing Scales, Printers, Rail Scales, Remotes / Scoreboards, Software-Product Accounting, Truck Scales and Livestock Scales.

Multiple Brands of Weighing Equipment Distributed

Salina Scale Inc. distributes several lines of the best weight and measuring equipment and instruments available. The following brands are sold and serviced: Avery Weigh-Tronix, Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Steinlite, Scale-It Software, GSE, Salter Brecknell and Probe-A-Load.

Service all Makes and Models of Weighing and Control Equipment
Certified in-house or field repairs

Beyond the distributed equipment brands, Salina Scale Inc. is familiar with and services a very long list of equipment. The following are a few that we readily service: A&D, Accu-Weigh, Avery-Weightronix, B-Tek, Cardinal, Comptrol, Compuweigh, Control Logic, Detecto, Doran, Epson, Fairbanks, Gamet Grain Probes, H&H Precast, Howe Richardson, IDS, Incell, Inscale, Ishida, Kubota, M&R, Norac, Ohaus, Ricelake Weighing Systems, Salter Brecknell, Scale Technology, Seedboro, Sensortronics, Sooner Scale, Star, Stienlite, Toledo, Trutest, UHL, Warestar, to name a few.

Custom Metal Fabrication
Turn-Key Construction

Many weigh scale projects require custom construction and metal fabrication to meet the requirements of our customers. Salina Scale Inc. maintains a fully staffed construction department that provides custom installations of our equipment on location. Most construction sites require custom concrete work and custom metal fabrication work. Our crews are have many years experience with scale installations in our territory. Each facility is completely tested and approved before put in operation.

Moisture Meter Testing and Repair

New and used Stienlite meters are available for sale as well as testing and repair.

Custom Programming

When specific needs are required in your operation, our technicians at Salina Scale Inc. can offer custom programming for your new equipment.

  • BMS
  • Bench Scales
  • BMS A
  • Dump Throw
  • In-scale Floor Scale
  • Ishida IPC
  • Precast Deck
  • Salina Scale Truck 2
  • Scale 2
  • Survivor OTR
  • XT Piers
  • Yellowa

24/7 Emergency Service
Technical Phone Support

When problems arise, you can't afford to wait. Your call is answered by a staff member, not an answering machine! Salina Scale Inc. is committed to keeping your operation running. Our service crews in the territory are equipped to handle and repair breakdowns.

Industries that utilize Salina Scale Inc.

Aircraft Producers, Animal Processing Plants, Asphalt Plants, Compressed Gas Production, Concrete Plants, Educational Centers, Energy Production, Ethanol Production, Farmers Markets, Farming and Ranching, Feed Yards, Feed Mills, Flour Mills, Food processing Plants, Grain Elevators, Grain Terminals, Landscaping Services, Medical Centers and Hospitals, Mining Industries, Municipalities / Sanitation, Pharmacy Production, Restaurants, Retirement Homes, Rock Quarries, Salvage and Recycling Plants and Truck Stops.

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