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Survivor Multi-Platform Series

Low Profile Pit Type, Side Rale or Portable Scales.

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Multi Platform

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The best way to find an axle weight

There are many ways to determine the axle weight of a tractor trailer. The method you choose will depend on how fast, efficient and accurate you want to be.

The first method is to use a standard truck scale and pull the steering axle onto the scale. Record the weight and push tare. Pull the truck forward to get the drive axle on the scale. Record the weight and push tare again. Pull the truck forward so the tandem axle is on the scale. Record the final weight. This method works, but it’s time consuming and won’t get you out of an overload citation.

The second method consists of using a single module axle scale to weigh each axle individually. This method is not Legal for Trade, but it is ideal for those operations looking to ensure loads are under the legal limit.

The third, and most accurate, Legal for Trade method is using a multi-platform truck scale. A multi-platform scale is basically individual scales for each axle in the same foundation. The truck is driven onto the scale positioning each axle on its own scale. Individual axle weights are provided as well as a Legal for Trade gross weight. All in just one stop on the scale.

Rice Lake Multi-Platform

G-Force™ - Patented self-checking mounting system

Self Checking Mounting SystemExclusive design sets an entirely new standard for performance, efficiency and durability. The G-Force mounting system eliminates excess movement and scale wear by using 100% of the gravity force from the loading action against itself—instantly returning the scale to dead center without check rods or bumper bolts. The result? Faster processing, consistent accuracy and lower maintenance costs over the life of the scale.

Choosing the Right Axle Configuration

Rice Lake offers multiple platform sizes of the popular SURVIVOR OTR, SR, PT and ATV truck scales in multi-platform configurations. The combination of module sizes and total length of the scale are determined by the axle spacing of the trucks being weighed. If you don’t see a combination to fit your needs below, we also offer custom solutions.

Axle Configuration Options

10-20-40 and 12-20-40

10-20-40 and 12-20-40

12-20-47 and 12-24-47

12-20-47 and 12-24-47







Built Tough, Start to Finish

  1. Centrifugal abrasive blast cleaning removes mill scale and surface imperfections.
  2. A thorough cleaning process prepares deck for maximum adhesion of coating applications.
  3. Galvanized support sheeting is placed on concrete deck versions.
  4. High-solids urethane primer is applied to the steel.
  5. Specialized high-solids urethane paint completes finish.
  6. Asphalt undercoating applied to all non-visible steel surfaces.

Complete your scale with the highest quality accessories.

  1. HMI Digital Weight Indicators We offer a complete line of weight indicators, including models that can store up to 1,000 truck ID numbers and truck tares. Available in standard or NEMA stainless steel enclosures.
  2. QUBE® Intelligent Junction Box Featuring the latest analog-to-digital technology for continuous scale monitoring and advanced diagnostics, iQUBE2 provides a valueadded solution for multi-cell scale systems. A single-point ground system and fiber optic connections ensure the instrumentation is isolated from transient spikes in voltage.
  3. Ticket and Continuous Fanfold Printers Our high-speed, high-quality printers include performance features like 180 characters-per-second printing and double-strike power to handle up to five-part multicopy forms.
  4. OnTrak™ Data Management Software OnTrak is easy to use and network capable with full reporting, accounting, and invoicing features that connect your scale to your office computer and accounting system.
  5. Automated Ticketing Kiosk Rice Lake has developed the Automated Ticketing Suite kiosk system for truck identification, load assignment and weighing, and ticketing for concrete, aggregate and asphalt plant operations. With this system, plant managers can optimize the flow of trucks and materials and increase efficiencies throughout their operation.
  6. Remote and Messaging Displays Featuring a super-bright LED display and a non-glare filtered lens, the SURVIVOR® LaserLight™ remote display and M-Series messaging remote display is clearly visible—even in direct sunlight. The unique IntelliBright™ feature uses a photo sensor to read ambient light to automatically adjust the display’s intensity between day and night settings to optimize power usage. Increase truck throughput with the new 4" LaserLight with stop-and-go lights. The 4" and 6" LaserLight and 8- and 12-character M-Series models are available with visors.
  7. Traffic Signals Rice Lake traffic signals have been tested to more than 80 MPH wind conditions on a single-point attachment. Corrosion-resistant PVC coatings and stainless steel hardware make the unit fully resistant to weathering.

Multi-Platform Options