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Avery WeighTronix

Grey Truck Weigh-Tronix Scale

Truck Scales

Legendary reliability and precision with the exclusive Weigh Bar® and rugged truck scale design backed by an industry-leading warranty.

A Rugged Lineup

A wide variety of reliable, rugged and precise truck scales to suit any vehicle or location

Avery Weigh-Tronix offers the best selection, features, options and value in the industry, backed by an exceptional warranty.


Long-lasting performance for heavy to moderate traffic and axle loads

The versatile BridgeMont series offers an unbeatable combination of structural integrity and cost effective ownership. With many sizes and capacities to choose from, BridgeMont fits virtually any application.

  1. Fully assembled – Scales arrive on-site fully assembled and are easily installed in a pit, or above ground on a slab or piers. Available with a steel or concrete deck surface.
  2. Low profile – Features a low 14” profile that saves real estate and construction costs by using a shorter approach area. Higher profile for additional clearance is easily accomplished with affordable base plate options.
  3. Standard to custom – A wide range of standard lengths and widths or custom built to customer specifications.

BridgeMont Heavy Duty

The BridgeMont Heavy Duty is a rugged scale that can easily handle heavy traffic and axle loads beyond legal highway limits. It is also available as a portable unit. The Low-Pro 8 version of the BridgeMont Heavy Duty comes in special lengths with an extra-low profile down to 11” to serve as a replacement for other brands of scales on existing foundations.

BridgeMont Standard Duty

The BridgeMont Standard Duty provides an economical solution for applications with moderate traffic and axle loads up to highway limits. It utilizes the same sandwich steel construction and Weigh Bars as the heavier models for outstanding strength and reliability.

Yellow truck on BridgeMont Scale

SteelBridge XT

Long-lasting performance for extreme traffic and axle loads

SteelBridge XT is a true heavyweight in the industry. Engineered to thrive on heavy, frequent, day-to-day use, the XT is often used in aggregate, logging, and recycling operations as well as for high traffic, over-the-road weighing.

The extra rugged design and construction means structural integrity will be maintained, even after many years of heavy use. With a 15-year truck scale warranty, you can be sure SteelBridge XT will still be in operation long after a competitor’s scale has worn out.

Multi-Platform Scale

One-stop, legal-for-trade axle weighing

Choose any combination of SteelBridge XT or BridgeMont scale platforms to create a legal-for-trade, one-stop axle weighing system.

Multi-Platform Scale



Built for extreme environments and extreme loads Avery Weigh-Tronix Off-Road truck scales are designed to meet the tough requirements of industries such as mining and excavating.

With various widths, lengths and capacities available, you can specify the vehicles to be weighed and let Avery Weigh-Tronix take care of the rest.

Portable Scales

Portable Truck Scales

Quick set-up for weighing almost anywhere Avery Weigh-Tronix portable truck scales go anywhere there is an immediate need for on-site vehicle weighing. They quickly fill temporary needs when other scales fail or there are delays with foundation construction.

The self-contained modular sections eliminate costly site preparation and can be installed on any stable surface in just 2 to 4 hours. They can be readily converted for installation as permanent, low-profile scales. Also available as rental units.

Selection Guide

SteelBridge XT
Extreme Duty
Heavy Duty
Standard Duty
Low Profile
SteelBridge XT
HD Portable
Standard Profile 14" 14" 14" 11.25" 19" 19"
Gross Capacity 50,000 to 270,000 lb 40,000 to 270,000 lb 35,000 to 270,000 lb 40,000 to 270,000 50,000 to 270,000 lb 40,000 to 270,000 lb Up to 270,000 lb
CLC / DTA 45 tons 45 tons 35 tons 45 tons 45 tons 40 tons
NTEP Approved
Standard Lengths 10' to 150' 10' to 150' 10' to 150' 20' to 100' 20' to 100' 10'
Standard Widths 10' to 14' 10' to 14' 10', 11' 10', 11' 10', 11' 10', 11' up to 20'
Custom Lengths & Widths
Weight Sensor
     Alloy Steel
     Stainless Stee
Weigh Bar

Weigh Bar

Weigh Bar

Weigh Bar

Weigh Bar

Weigh Bar

Weigh Bar

     Weight Sensor
     Weighbridge Structure
5 years
15 years
5 years
15 years
5 years
15 years
5 years
15 years
5 years
15 years
5 years
15 years
5 years
15 years
Suspension System Easi-Post Easi-Post Easi-Post Easi-Post Easi-Post Easi-Post Link
Deck Surface Steel or Concrete Steel or Concrete Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel or Concrete
Finish Paint Paint Paint Paint Paint Paint Paint
Stainless Steel Sheathed Cable
Stainless Steel Analog J-Box
SensorComm Digital J-Box







Guide Rails
Dump Modules
Pre-Fab Foundation
= standard     = optional        = consult factory     = not available

Options and Accessories

Options & Accessories

Create a complete truck scale system

Select from a wide range of options and accessories to create a powerful and versatile vehicle weighing system.

  1. Guide rails and posts – Extreme-duty guide rails provide a strong barrier against accidental drive-offs. An extra tall version is available for MSHA considerations. The rails are finished with bright yellow paint to optimize visibility.
  2. Stop & go lights – Help direct vehicle movement and improve safety. Rugged design withstands all types of weather and environments.
  3. Loop detectors – Installed at the entrance and exit to detect vehicle weight data and ensure proper positioning.
  4. Remote displays – Allow clear, comfortable viewing of scale information at considerable distances, indoors and outdoors. Available with integrated traffic light and wireless interface.
  5. Unattended system – Allows 24/7 scale availability. Can be customized with options such as loop detectors, ID readers, traffic lights, and wireless communication.

Accessories and Options

Design Features

Exclusive design features are what make Avery Weigh-Tronix truck scales #1 in the industry.

Concrete Deck Cutaway

High-strength steel construction

We source the highest quality structural steel from within North America. Automated continuous welding provides extra strength and no weak spots.

Steel surface protection

A detailed surface preparation and coating process protects the scale from the elements. Individual components are shot-blasted, entire decks are sand-blasted and cleaned, then primed with a high solids urethane primer and finished with a tough, acrylic polyurethane top coat.

Low profile

14" height from baseplate to driving surface minimizes ramp requirements. Higher profile for additional clearance is easily accomplished with affordable base plate options.

No-bolt module connections

Simple hook & notch design allows quick, easy joining of the modules. Overall scale length is easily increased by adding modules.

Composite concrete design

Only the top half (5") of the deck is poured, allowing the concrete to stay in compression. Tension forces are handled by the high-strength steel structure below the concrete. Fiber-mesh concrete is specified to increase strength and resist cracking.

Factory welded studs bond the concrete to the steel structure, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming rebar.

Environmental Shielding

Environmental Shielding

Environmental seals, stainless steel sheathed cable, surge protection, heavy-duty coatings and rugged construction help Avery Weigh-Tronix scales defend against Mother Nature’s worst.

Steel Deck Cutaway

Weigh Bar® Weight Sensor

A proven weight sensor

The exclusive Avery Weigh-Tronix Weigh Bar is an extremely rugged, highly reliable, load sensing device. Over several decades, the Weigh Bar has built a reputation for precision, reliability and durability that no other load cell can match.

Annual Load Cell Falure Rate

Stainless Steel Weigh Bar

Weigh Bar Weight Sensor

Easi-Post™ Suspension

Rugged, precise and easy to install

The Easi-Post suspension system is a proven design that offers a high degree of performance, efficiency, and durability while absorbing the energy applied to the truck scale during braking and acceleration.

Easi-Post greatly simplifies the job of leveling a scale with the foundation. Each module may be raised or lowered by ½" with a simple turn of the adjustment bolt.